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This website is about cyber fraudster called PETER JUNAS and his e-currency exchange system DIGI-EXCHANGE (was active till Spring 2013). In November 2012 he has scammed his customers and partners for more than $100.000 and he's still trying to steal more.

PETER JUNAS is wanted by police of Thailand and Slovakia, has already a criminal record in Thailand for burglary and is actively trying to steal more and more money on ecurrency markets.

Our aim is to stop his criminal activity, collect as much information about him and his fraud and co-operate with law-enforcement structures around the world to bring him finally to jail for a long time.

We have a special section called "Advice for officials" where we have collected all important information for law-enforcement organizations, banks and credit institutions, ecurrency systems, government embassies and ISPs. If you are official person who's dealing with PETER JUNAS and/or DIGI-EXCHANGE now and reached this page from search engine - make sure you read this section.

If you were scammed by PETER JUNAS or DIGI-EXCHANGE - use the "Complaints templates" to submit them to any organization in charge. If you have any information about him that is not published here yet and may help to trace him or work as an additional evidence - please share it with us!

Thank you!